Weekly Trivia Question

Question of the Week:

Every Monday a new extra credit question will be posted on my website. The question is worth 2 points (not % points) per week. For a student to receive those points the following rules apply:

1)      Due every Friday (if a student is absent for any reason they forfeit that week’s question).

2)      It must be e-mailed to me by the Friday it is Due by 2pm

3)      The answer must be correct to receive 2 points.

4)      If a student gets the question incorrect, they will still receive 1 point for effort.

This is an excellent chance for all students to earn points.


Week of 9-26-16 and is Due Thursday 9-29-16 by 2:00 pm

What are the actual group names for 5A and 6A on the periodic table (don't tell me Nitrogen or Oxygen group) ?

Week of 10-17-16 and is Due Friday 10-21-16 by 2:00 pm

1) Which elements have only one syllable? 

2) This metal actually melts in your hand. Which element is being described?

Week of 12-19-16 and is Due Friday 12-23-16 by 2:00 pm

1) What are three different gifts you want for Holiday season (Christmas, ect...)  KEEP ANSWERS IN THE BOUNDARIES OF GOOD TASTE 

Week of 1-9-17 and is Due Friday 1-13-17 by 2:00 pm

1) Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 have officially been added to the periodic table.  List the name and symbol for each of the four new elements.