Physical Science

CP-Physical Science

Mr. Bruder


Course Identification: CP-Physical Science

5 blocks/sem , 5 credits

Course Description/Course Content:

Physical science is a survey course in Physics and Chemistry which will focus on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. Topics will include Measurement, Forces, Motion, Conservation Laws, Energy (electrical, thermal, light, and sound), The Nature of Matter, The Periodic Table, Compound Formation, Basic Chemical Reactions, and Specialized Chemical Reactions. This course will fulfill high school graduation requirements, but cannot be considered a laboratory science course for college entrance requirements


Website:I have created my own website Please feel free to check the website for daily updates. The PowerPoint for each chapter will be posted on the website, along with any homework worksheets that the student may receive. If they are absent or lost their worksheet, they will be able to go to the site and print out a new one. There is also a lot of other useful information that will be provided on the website.



1)      Respect is the most important thing!!

2)      Treat me, as you would want to be treated.

3)      No talking while I am talking

4)      No talking while fellow classmates are talking

5)      Respect your fellow classmate’s questions and responses

6)      Be on TIME, in your seat and ready for class when the bell rings

7)      Be prepared for class every single day

8)      Raise your hand when you want to speak

9)      No cheating or copying another student’s work

10)    No Cell Phones during academic time


1)      Students must come prepared with notes, notebook, and writing instrument

2)      Supplies Needed

a.      Calculator (any model)

b.      Loose Leaf Paper (All assignments WILL BE done and collected on loose-leaf)

c.      Black pen

      d.      Pencil

      e.      Folder or Binder (students receive A LOT of handouts and worksheets)

      f.      Stapler would be great to have but not required

3)   Homework is due the next day after is it assigned. If homework is turned in late, you will lose points for each day it is late. The homework will only be accepted up to 5 days after it was collected. After that no points will be given for a late assignment.

4)   If a student is absent, they are responsible to make up any missed work. Students have 5 days to make up test and quizzes. They need to be made up either before or after school. Nothing can be made up during the school day. Labs can’t be made up and students will have to do an alternative assignment in place of the missed lab.




Academic Progress: I use PowerSchool on a regular basis. Student’s grades will be posted as soon as they are graded. Please check PowerSchool on a regular basis to see how the student is performing in my class. If you have any questions about the student’s performance, please feel free to contact me. The sooner an issue is caught, the better it will be for the student to make changes to be successful in my class.


Cheating: Cheating will not be tolerated for any course work. If a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing on a test, quiz or paper, the student will receive an automatic zero. The parent or guardian will be notified. Please refer to the academic integrity handout.






Academic Responsibility


Process Skills


Application Skills


Grade Distribution:  S1=45%   S2=45% Summative Assessment=10%


These grades will be determined from:

  1. Test
  2. Quizzes
  3. Lab Reports
  4. Worksheets









Academic Responsibility

Assessment includes all of the traits which make a successful student; preparedness for class, focus/concentration during class, class participation, lab/activity participation, timely submission of assignments, seeking extra help as needed, maintenance of an organized notebook, homework

Process Skills

Assessment covers the skills which are considered the foundation of every unit.  These skills include: the basic vocabulary, concepts and mathematical computations of the course.  These skills are necessary for higher reasoning and application situations.  These skills will be evaluated via quizzes, tests, graded homework, graded lab reports, projects and Writing Assignments (WAC)

Application Skills

This assessment expands the process skills.  Application situations may be multi-part problems, synthesis of a variety of concepts, inquiry type situations and research.  These skills will be evaluated by quizzes, tests, graded homework, graded lab reports, projects and Writing Assignments (WAC)




Extra Help: The key to doing well is seeking extra help when needed. I am available EVERY morning from 7:15am until 1st Block. I am available after school Monday thru Friday. Your son or daughter may come anytime that I am available. If I am not available during these times I will make an announcement during class. The more help a student receives the better they will do in my class.


Question of the Week: Every Monday a new extra credit question will be posted on my website under the Weekly Trivia Question Link. The question is worth 2 points (not % points) per week. For a student to receive those points the following rules apply:

1)      Due every Friday (if a student is absent for any reason they forfeit that week’s question).

2)      It maybe e-mailed to me the night before. Not any earlier and not on the day it is due.

3)      It MUST be typed (nothing hand written will be accepted)

4)      The answer must be correct to receive 2 points.

5)      If a student gets the question incorrect, they will still receive 1 point for effort.

   This is an excellent chance for all students to earn points.




You may contact me at Sterling High School at 856-784-1333 ext. 5004

You may e-mail me at

You may also e-mail me through my website under contact.

I will respond to your call or e-mail within a timely manner.

Signing this form lets me know that you received and read this information. Please review these polices with your child. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or polices, please feel free to contact me at Sterling High School. Thank you for your support and Please enjoy the year.


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