This page contains important links to many different aspects of the chemistry world.

School Links:

Black Horse Pike Regional School District Website

Highland High School Website

Highland Naviance Webpage

Parent Access Instructions Sheet

College Recommendation Form

Cornell Notes Rubric

Cornell Notes Template

Cornell Notes Chemistry Example

Cornell Notes PowerPoint

AP Chemistry Links:

AP CollegeBoard Website

AP CollegeBoard Sample Questions and Scoring Guidelines

AP Chemistry Lab Summary

AP Study Cards

AP Chemistry Review Lecture Series

AP Lab Notebook #1

AP Lab Notebook #2


General Links and References:

Element Usage and Reference Book


Periodic Tables and Polyatomic Reference Sheets:

Standard Periodic Table

Periodic Table with Oxidiation Numbers

Periodic Table with Polyatomic Ion Reference Sheet

Blank Periodic Table

Blank Periodic Table with Names

Mendeleev's Original Periodic Table

Polyatomic Reference Sheet


Periodic Table and Element Videos:

Elemental Funkiness Video

Mendeleev Video

Periodic Table Video #1

Periodic Table Video #2

Periodic Table Video #3

Einstein Periodic Table Video

The Atom Song

Chemical Bonding Song

Mole Song

Schrodinger's Cat Video #1

Schrodinger's Cat Video #2

Atomos Atomos Video



Chemistry Demostration Videos:

Alkali Metals in Water Video

Bromine in Alcohol Video

Flaming GummyBear Video


Chemistry Explanation Videos:

Quantum Mechanics Video

Discovery of Subatomic Particles