AP Chemistry Videos

AP Chemistry Videos

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Lecture 1: The Importance of Chemical Principles

Lecture 2: Discovery of Electron and Nucleus

Lecture 3: Wave-Particle Duality of Light

Lecture 4: Wave-Particle Duality of Matter

Lecture 5: Hydrogen Atom Energy Levels

Lecture 6: Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions

Lecture 7: P-Orbitals

Lecture 8: Multielectron Atoms and Electron Configurations

Lecture 9: Periodic Trends

Lecture 10: Covalent Bonds

Lecture 11: Lewis Structures

Lecture 12: Ionic Bonds

Lecture 13: Polar Covalent Bonds and VSEPR Theory

Lecture 14: Molecular Orbital Theory

Lecture 15: Valence Bond Theory and Hybridization

Lecture 16: Thermochemistry

Lecture 17: Entropy and Disorder

Lecture 18: Free Energy and Control of Spontaneity

Lecture 19: Chemical Equilibrium

Lecture 20: Le Chatelier's Principle

Lecture 21: Acid-Base Equilibrium

Lecture 22: Chemical and Biological Buffers

Lecture 23: Acid-Base Titrations

Lecture 24: Balancing Redox Equations

Lecture 25: Electrochemical Cells

Lecture 26: Chemical and Biological Redox Reactions

Lecture 27: Transition Metals

Lecture 28: Crystal Field Theory

Lecture 29: Metals in Biology

Lecture 30: Magnetism and Spectrochemical Theory

Lecture 31: Rate Laws

Lecture 32: Nuclear Chemistry and Elementary Reactions

Lecture 33: Reaction Mechanism

Lecture 34: Temperature and Kinetics

Lecture 35: Enzyme Catalysis

Lecture 36: Biochemistry

Topic Specific Videos

Chapter 1:

Metric Conversion

Accuracy & Precision

Significant Figures

Rounding Using Sig Figs

Addition & Subtraction Sig Figs

Multiplication & Division Sig Figs

Advanced Sig Figs

Dimentional Analysis #1

Dimentional Analysis #2

Dimentional Analysis #3

Classifying Matter

Seperation Techniques