AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry

Mr. Bruder

Course Description: Advanced Placement Chemistry is an introductory college level chemistry course. Designed with the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework, focused on the major concepts in chemistry and their connections, it allows students to develop deep conceptual understanding and integrate science practices through inquiry-based means. Structured around four Big ideas (Equilibria, Energy Relationships, Chemical Reactions, and Stoichiometry), encompassing the core scientific principles, theories, and processes governing chemical systems, at least one of the Big ideas will be incorporated in every lesson.


AP Chemistry is a course that is designed to be equivalent as a freshman college chemistry course. Students should come into the course with an open mind, high motivation and willingness to make the sacrifice needed to be successful. This course is going to be academically challenging but that does not mean it will not be an interesting journey along the way. The students are taking a college course at a high school level which means the student will be working at the college level and they are going to be responsible to do a lot of the course work independently. They need to read independently and practice as many problems as possible. Each chapter test they will take will have questions from previous year’s AP exams to help them get use to the questioning. Students will also be doing labs which will co-inside with the course material. The students will be required to keep a lab notebook and write lab reports.

I hope students will find this course challenging but will take away knowledge for future usage in their own endeavors. Listed below are the expectations for the class. Please review these polices.

Course Polices:

1)      Respect is the most important thing!!

2)      Treat me, as you would want to be treated.

3)      No YELLING OUT Answers. (I want to hear from everyone)

4)      No talking while I am talking

5)      No talking while fellow classmates are talking

6)      Respect your fellow classmate’s questions and responses

7)      Be on TIME, in your seat and ready for class when the bell rings

8)      Be prepared for class every single day

9)      Raise your hand when you want to speak

10)    No cheating or copying another student’s work

11)    NO Cell Phones during academic time (unless otherwise directed by the Instructor)

12)    Be dismissed in a timely manner by the teacher, not the bell

13)    Group Work Means Everyone Works and Shares

14)    If a student plays on their cell phone during class time, they are not permitted to attend       

         Tartan Time for help on that specific topic.  Tartan Time is designed for students to get    

         extra help it is not designed for me to reteach a lesson because the student decided not to

         pay attention all period.


Poor classroom behavior will NOT be tolerated.  Poor classroom behavior includes any hitting, yelling, speaking inappropriately, the use of profanity, stealing, and in general, disrupting the classroom so that learning cannot take place (See Above). 

There are four steps that will be taken for poor classroom behavior:

Initial infraction:  A verbal warning

Second infraction:  a detention with me

Third infraction:  a detention with me and a phone call to your parents

Fourth infraction:  A referral submitted

Some infractions are considered so severe, that removal from the classroom and a referral may be given without following the above steps.


1)      Students must come prepared with notes, notebook, and writing instrument

2)      Supplies Needed

a.      Graphing Calculator (any model)

b.      Loose Leaf Paper (All assignments WILL BE done and collected on loose-leaf)

c.      Lab Notebook (which has be provided to each student)

d.      Black pen

      e.      Pencil

      f.      Folder or Binder (students receive A LOT of handouts and worksheets)

      g.      Stapler would be great to have but not required

3)       Primary text: Chemistry, the Central Science 12th Edition, Prentice Hall

Chromebooks & Student Email Policies:

Bring Chromebooks DAILY to class

Fully Charged

Chromebook must remain in case at all times

Student school gmail account for all communication


I have created my own website www.bruderchemistry.com Please feel free to check the website for daily updates. The PowerPoint for each chapter will be posted on the website, along with any homework worksheets that the student may receive. If they are absent or lost their worksheet, they will be able to go to the site and print out a new one. There is also a lot of other useful information that will be provided on the website.




% of Quarter Grade


Chapter Test

Major Projects



Quizzes, Warm-Ups

Exist Tickets, Notebook Checks



Lab Reports

Minor Projects









Classes 2018 and Beyond                                                         Classes 2016 and 2017                                                                       

A         93-100          A -       90-92                                                 A       90-100

B +      87-89            B         83-86       B -       80-82                     B       80-89               

C +      77-79            C         73-76       C -      70-72                      C       70-79

D +     67-69             D         65-66                                                 D       65-69              

F          Below 65                                                                            F      Below 65     



Daily homework is due the next day after it is assigned. If the homework is problem set, it is due on the specific date that will be provided when the assignment is given. NO Late Homework or Problem Sets will be accepted.  If a student does not turn in the assignment on the due date, that will receive a zero for the assignment. 

Absence Policy:

If a student is absent, they are responsible to make up any missed work. Students have 5 days to make up test and quizzes. They need to be made up either before or after school. Nothing can be made up during the school day. Labs can’t be made up and students will have to do an alternative assignment in place of the missed lab.

Academic Progress:

I use Genesis / Parent Portal on a regular basis. Student’s grades will be posted as soon as they are graded. Please check Parent Portal on a regular basis to see how the student is performing in my class. If you have any questions about the student’s performance, please feel free to contact me. The sooner an issue is caught, the better it will be for the student to make changes to be successful in my class.

Academic Integrity: 

Cheating will not be tolerated for any course work. If a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing on a test, quiz, lab reports or homework, the student will receive an automatic zero. If a student allows or provides their work to be copied, they will also receive the same punishment. A referral will be submitted to the student’s Vice Principal and the parent or guardian will be notified. Please refer to the academic integrity handout.

Extra Help:

The key to doing well is seeking extra help when needed. I am available during the majority of Tartan times. I am also available after school Monday thru Thursday. Your son or daughter may come anytime that I am available. If I am not available during these times I will make an announcement during class. The more help a student receives the better they will do in my class.

Test Corrections:

Every test students take will have past questions and problems from previous AP chemistry exams. It is essential that the students get these problems correct and understand why if they did not get the problem correct. Students will be allowed to make test corrections on all tests. Students will receive full credit back 1st quarter, .75 points back 2nd & 3rd quarter and half points back 4th quarter on their original test score. ALL corrections must happen in school. No test will be allowed to be taken home. Students must work individually on test corrections.  Students may use only their own notes or a textbook for test corrections.  Students may NOT use the internet to help complete with test corrections. Students may make corrections during Tartan time or after school. Please see extra help policy above. All test corrections must be made within 5 academic days of me posting their test score on Parent Portal (no exceptions or extensions). If a student does not make test corrections or does not complete test corrections within the 5 academic days, their original grade will remain. 

Question of the Week:

Does not apply to AP Chemistry students.


Labs will be performed throughout the entire academic year including after the AP exam. There is going to be approximately 18 labs. Most of the labs will take the period and half. Students who miss a lab are required to make the lab up. These labs are extremely important for receiving AP college credit. Colleges require all AP students to keep a lab notebook. Students will keep a lab notebook and they will be required to turn in a formal lab report. Some labs students will perform in groups and some labs students will do individually. Each student will turn in their own lab report no matter if the lab is done as a group or an individual. Please see academic integrity.

Lab Reports and Cheating:

1)    These rules apply if a student completes a lab report on their own or if students in a group complete a lab report.

2)    If students work in a group, the only thing that should be the same in lab report is data, anything that is identical to their partner or any other student in the class is considered plagiarism.

3)    Do not copy material without citing the source. This includes lab manuals, text books, your neighbor, old labs, etc. Plagiarism, of any degree, will not be accepted.

4)    Do not copy verbatim (word for word) from the lab handout or any other source. This is plagiarism and would result in a zero mark and possible further consequences.

Late Lab Policy:

This policy pertains to all science classes.  Lab reports are considered late if they are not submitted to the teacher the day that they are due and at the time that they are collected.  The only exception to this is if a student is absent on the day that the lab report is due.  Then the lab report must be submitted the first day that the student returns to class at the beginning of the class period and it will receive no penalty.

If a lab report is not submitted the day that it is due, it may be submitted the next school day at the beginning of the period and receive a penalty for lateness equivalent to 10% off of the grade for the first day late. (i.e. – if a grade is based upon a score of 100 points than an 82 becomes a 74, but if a grade is based upon a total of 70 points than 10% of 70 is 7 points and a grade of 60 out of 70 points is lowered to 53 points out of 70 or if a grade is based upon a total of 90 points than 10% of 90 is 9 and a grade of 70 out of 90 points is lowered to 61 out of 90 points). If the report is two days late, the student would receive a penalty of 20% off of the grade.  If the report is three days late, the student would receive a penalty of 30% off of the grade.  Nothing will be accepted after the third day of lateness and the student will receive a zero for the lab report.

Practice Exams:

Students are going to be highly encouraged to come at least once but may come all three times to take a practice AP Exam on a Saturday during the month of April. This will give the student a chance to see what it is like to take the exam before the actual exam in May. We will go over the exams in class.

*Any and all of the above mentioned are subject to change at the discretion of Mr. Bruder as needed, or on a case by case basis.


You may contact me at Highland Regional H.S. at 856-227-4100 ext. 7409

You may e-mail me at mabruder@bhprsd.org

You may also e-mail me through my website under contact.

I will respond to your call or e-mail within a timely manner.

Signing this form lets me know that you received and read this information. Please review these polices with your child. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child or polices, please feel free to contact me at Highland Regional High School. Thank you for your support and Please enjoy the year.

Website Address:  www.bruderchemistry.com

Class Google Calendar Address:  http://www.bruderchemistry.com/201718_ap_chemistry_calendar.php


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