Hello My Name is Mark Bruder and I have been teaching high school chemistry for 13 years. My wife Megan was also a high school chemistry teacher and now is a high school STEM Supervisor. Upon completion of my education credentials at Saint Joseph’s University graduate school, I supplemented my chemistry training at University of Pennsylvania. This has gone a long way to facilitate the education of my science students.






The main purpose of this website is to allow my students to have access to important chemistry materials needed in class, and for their futures. I have designed this website to serve as a resource for collaboration with my fellow colleagues by sharing key materials that I have accrued over the years.  Some of these documents required extensive searches to obtain and some were handed down by fellow teachers, but all have proven invaluable.  Please feel free to use anything that I post on my website. If you find a topic on the site to which you can provide additional insight or expertise, please feel free to share your comments or suggestions.

Chemistry is a dynamic and ever-changing field.  As educators in this most demanding discipline, we should share our ideas and plan strategies to facilitate interest and the education of our future chemist.

Thank You,

Mark Bruder